About us


Bestest operates in multiple segments that reflect the core vision of the company. Their common goal can be defined as the development of individuals‘ personalities. One of the significant objectives of the company is to offer specialized training in various spheres crucial for individual and professional development. These specialized courses include:

ENTERPRENEURSHIP: Bestest aims to promote entrepreneurial thinking and skills. Entrepreneurship courses focus on fostering creativity, innovation, and the ability to effectively manage entrepreneurial projects.

FINANCIAL LITERACY: To develop personal and professional financial capabilities, the company provides courses in financial literacy. Participants learn to manage their finances, invest wisely, and build financial stability.

LEADERSHIP: Leadership training programs are designed to enhance participants‘ leadership skills. The focus is on developing managerial decision-making, teamwork, and the ability to motivate and inspire others.

COMMUNICATION: Recognizing the importance of communication skills not only in linguistic contexts but also in professional environments, Bestest offers courses in communication. These courses address verbal and non-verbal communication skills, emphasizing effective communication in a corporate setting.

SOFT SKILLS: In today’s competitive environment, soft skills are crucial. Bestest provides courses that help develop skills such as teamwork, conflict resolution, creativity, and adaptability.


The second main pillar of the company is to offer international language support through language camps, obtaining internationally recognized certificates, and specialized language courses. The focus is on the English language, which is increasingly becoming an indispensable part of both professional and everyday life.

Traveling abroad has become a common necessity, and knowing English is an invaluable advantage, at least at a basic level.

Basic and secondary schools provide only general knowledge of the language, but many companies require their employees to have specialized communication skills.

Companies operate in international markets, necessitating employees who are proficient in a global language.

Companies require their employees to know professional terminology, participate in conferences, and be able to present, which can be challenging even in their native language.


Bestest’s services are derived from their own experiences in using the English language and the constant need for individual development. The company is founded on the belief that the combination of language education and specialized courses creates a comprehensive approach to overall individual development. These courses are designed to allow participants not only to acquire new knowledge but also to apply it practically in various professional and life situations. The slogan „BETTER THAN THE BEST“ reflects their commitment to being the best in meeting the needs of clients in the areas of professional preparation, language training, and development.